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Italy, Car Near Fountain in Rome Italy is one of the top destinations in Europe. From large cities to small villages, from modern museums of fashion to ancient monuments, from very expensive boutiques to affordable stores – Italy will offer something for everyone. Many tourists come back to Italy again and again, as this marvelous country features a huge cultural heritage, great cuisine, fashion and one of the most beautiful languages spoken in the world.

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Italy Travel - Auto Hire Online

The Romance Capitol of the World – this is how Italy is usually called. A trip to Italy is a real dream vacation, unforgettable and breathtaking. What makes the country so special? Everything, beginning with the warmth and hospitality of its people and finishing with endless tourists’ destinations and sightseeing trips. It doesn’t matter what you are: an art lover, a devoted historian, the fan of Italian cuisine – the country opens a new world for everybody, involves and impresses. Rent a car in Italy through Auto Hire Online, your Italy car rental specialist, and enjoy the ride at your own pace.

Plenty of tourists say that the best way to travel around Italy is by car, because Italian freeways are characterized by high quality and comfort. Other travelers prefer the walking tours, as Italy is an open air museum. So, whatever way of travel you choose, don’t forget to do in Italy the following things: to enjoy Venice gondola ride, to see Leonardo’s masterpiece of The Last Supper in Milan, to get acquainted with the exhibits of the Vatican museums, to try Italian pizza, to explore Roman and Greek ruins on Sicily, to go on the excursion in the National Archaeological Museum in Naples.

Italy is not a big country but there are so many places which are worth seeing that it will take you the whole lifetime to see all of them. Start your trip from Rome – the heart of the country (it’s easy to rent a car at one of Rome airports or train stations). The city is fascinating. It offers a great choice of interesting places: the Vatican City with the masterpieces of Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael in the Vatican Museums, St. Peter’s Cathedral with fountains and statues and many other sights. One of the most romantic cities not only of the country but also of the whole world is Venice, famous for its various canals, gondolas, and palaces. Among the top tourists’ attractions in Venice there are Bridge of Sighs, Campo San Polo, Basilica dei Frari, Doge's Palace and many others. Come to Venice to open your heart and confess the true love and be sure your proposal to marry will be accepted.

Welcome to Florence – the most splendid Italian place. Giotto, Donatello, Dante, Brunelleschi, Fra Angelico, Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael – this is not the full list of the artists who were one way or another connected with the city. Other symbols of the city are The Duomo – famous cathedral and the statue of Michelangelo’s David kept in the Galleria dell Accademia. If you prefer the ecotourism, visit Tuscany. This Italian region is characterized by the variety of landscapes: hills and mountains of northern Lunigiana, the seaside of Maremma, beautiful sceneries of the Apuan Alps. The must visit is Milan – the dynamic metropolis and the capital of this region. Milan has a very rich cultural life and conceals numerous artistic treasures. The most popular places of interest are the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, La Scala Opera House, the Basilica of St. Ambrogio.

The famous leaning tower – who doesn’t know the most recognized symbol of Italy? If you don’t climb to the top and take photos, you won’t forgive yourself such misfortune. To do it, you should visit Pisa, where the leaning tower is situated. Apart from the architectural monuments the city is known for its university – one of the oldest in the country. What to do in Siena? Of course attend bareback horse race – Palio di Siena, run twice a summer. Among other attractions of the city you shouldn’t miss the Duomo and Civic Museums, medieval church Basilica di San Domenico. A great number of seaside resorts are concentrated on island of Sicily. Tasty food in local restaurants, a lot of sun and sea, comfortable hotels, vivid nightlife – this territory provides the tourists with all necessary leisure components.

Italy Facts

Full Country Name

Italian Republic



Major Cities

Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin, Palermo, Florence, Venice, Genoa, Bologna


60,4 mln


301,338 square kilometers (116,346 square miles)





Country code


Time Zone

CET (UTC+1), summer: CEST (UTC+2)


Roman Catholicism

Italy Geography

Italy is situated in southern Europe. Country’s geographical shape is very recognizable, because it reminds the boot. In the north-west the country boarders France, in the north – Switzerland and Austria, in the northeast – Slovenia. You can easily get to these destinations if you rent a car in Italy on AutoHireOnline. Italy is washed by the Sardinian and the Tyrrhenian Seas (western part), by the Sicilian and the Ionian Seas (southern part) and by the Adriatic Sea in the east. But all the same the majority of the country is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. The peninsula's backbone is formed by the Apennine Mountains, as for the Alps – they make the northern boundary. Apart from the mainland Italy the country also has several islands; the largest of them are Sicily and Sardinia. Italy includes two independent countries - Vatican City and San Marino.

The terrain of the country is characterized by the diversity. There are two main mountain chains: the Alps with the highest peak Mont Blanc and the Apennines. Taking together they cover more than 75% of Italian territory. The eastern part of the Alps, especially the Dolomite Mountains, is a good place for skiing and snowboarding. The rural landscapes are represented by olive groves and wineries. The climate of the country is mainly Mediterranean with mild winters, hot and dry summers.

Italy History

Talking about the first inhabitants of Italian territory, the historians agree that it was the Ligurian tribe. Moreover, the history of Italy is the history of Rome, because in the 3rd century B.C. the country was conquered by the Romans. Gradually, Italy was divided into several parts. The Normans and the Saracens kept the control over various segments of the Italian peninsula. By the end of the 15th century Italy was ruled by different forces: French and Spanish dynasties controlled the south and the kingdoms of Sicily and Naples; the republics of Siena, Florence, and Lucca, the cities of Bologna, Forli, Rimini, and Faenza became the Papal States. Venice and Genoa with the colonies were the merchant republics.

In 1805 after Napoleon was crowned as a king of Italy, the parts of the country were united. But such situation didn’t last long. In 10 years Italy was fragmentized again with Austria as a dominant power. The foundation for Italian unity was laid by Giuseppe Mazzini in 1830, but complete unification was reached after the war against Austria, when Italy helped France and as a result obtained Lombardy.

Italy entered World War I on the side of the Allies, but after its end the country got less territory then expected. During World War II when the Allies invaded Italy the dictatorship of Benito Mussolini was collapsed. According to the postwar peace treaty, Italy refused some territories in Ethiopia and Greece. The economic, ruined by the war, was successfully rebuilt, the country entered NATO and the European Economic Community (later the EU). In 2009 Italy suffered an awful earthquake but the country managed to restore all its losses and nowadays it remains very attractive for the tourists from all over the world.

Italy Attractions

Historical glory and a lot of fun – these are the main characteristics of Italy. There is nothing more interesting than a properly chosen sightseeing tour around Italy, because this country has much to offer the tourists. Spend two-three days in Rome. It is more than a city, it is a history, an Empire, an enternity. You will never forget what great fun you had mailing a letter from the Vatican post office, seeing the Colosseum or just walking along the ancient streets.

Florence is an art and culture lover’s paradise. Numerous art museums suggest the visitors the masterpieces of Botticelli, Michelangelo, Giotto, Della Robbia, and Pontormo. Enjoy stunning panoramic views over the Tuscan countryside – it will be a full relax after museums tour. Venice is represented by the canals and palaces, Naples is famouse for its waterfront, Florence can boast having such unique sight as the Boboli Gardens, Siena attracts the tourists by splashing hills and scenic vineyards. The list of Italian attractions is really endless.

Italy Things to Do

One of the top things to do in Italy - to go skiing in the Alps. Among the best resorts in the west of Turin - Bardonechia, Sauze d'Oulx and Sestriere should be mentioned. If you prefer to go to the northern part of the country, you are welcome to visit the ski resorts of Cervinia and Courmayeur.

But it doesn’t mean that Italy is popular only because of excellent skiing oportunities. It is also a country, which is good for hillwalking or climbing. The Dolomites on the Swiss border is a prefect place to spend the weekend.

Italy Shopping

Style and quality – this is what Italian goods are associated with. If you are going to do some shopping in Italy, make a plan, because you can get lost in all those luxurious shops and boutiques. "Made in Italy" products are not cheap, all the same shopaholics are eager to buy a dress of famous Italian designer paying great amounts of money. Another passion of Italians is window-shopping. Some shop windows can even compete with the works of art. They not only invite to enter, they scream and subconsiensly make the tourists or the locals buy something.

Without any doubts the best city to go shopping in Italy is Rome, beacuse the choice of the goods is really wide and it suits any budget. The luxurious items of clothing and accessouars can be found in Venice. As for the designer cloth stores, Florence can boast having plenty of them. Gucci, Armani, D&G, Valentino collections are concentrated in Milan shops and other Italian locations. Despite all the efforts of government to stop this business, Italy remains the world production leader of counterfeit goods. In Italian shops you can easily find the illegal Gucci bags and all that kind of stuff. Just hire auto Italy online and go shopping with ease.

Italy Dining

Wine-making takes one of the leading positions in Italian industry. Italian wines are well known all over the word thanks to their excellent taste and unique bouquet. There exists such a proverb - it's enough to be bottled in Italy to be Italian, on the other hand, it's enough that brand be Italian. If you are a true wine connoisseur, don’t loose the opportunity to enjoy the wine selection in the heart of the Tuscany region. The best-known Italian wine is Chiant, made in the north of Siena.

Italian cuisine is one of the best in the world. A lot of people from different countries prefer Italian dishes. Among the specialities Pasta takes the first place, but pasta differs in varous regions of the country. Northern Italy is known for fresh pasta made with eggs, flour, and salt. According to the form it can be called Tagliatelle, Tajarin, or Pappardelle. In the central part of Italy the locals prefer ravioli and tortellini. Rice is also the main product in Italy. The world-known speciality made of rice is Risotto.

Among the most popular vegetables we can name tomatoes, used to cook the traditional Italian sauces, broccoli, and cabbages. If we say Italy, we mean the olive oil and visa verse. Extra Virgin Olive Oil brought the country a worldwide fame.